Former Folcroft PA Website

As of Dec 19, 2014 the Folcroft Borough Council decided to go with a different vendor for their webserver. This is why there have been no updates to the site in over a month with council meeting minutes, ordinances and budgets.
I became the vendor in January 2012, because the former vendor deleted the existing website, out of spite, a few days before the Democrats took over the council. I was brought in and hired by the new council to restore/rebuild the website. This cost the borough money unnecessarily, and I was surprised that the previous vendor was not billed/sued/fined for the replacement costs.
Unlike the former vendor, I have turned over a full backup of the site to borough secretary to give to the new vendor. I have hosted the site on my own personal server for the past three years. It is up to the new vendor and council to find a new host and update the site.
This message is visible only because they have not created a new site, and are still pointing to my server. I have NO control over this. That is the responsibility of the domain administrator, not me.
Since I am unprofessional, unlike the former vendor, I'm providing a link to the backup/preserved version of the site for a few weeks. This is strictly a courtesy, as I am no longer paid, nor responsible for the site and it's contents.
Link to OLD SITE

For citizens of Folcroft interested in still having a site if/when the Democrats retake the council, I would advise then to attend council meetings and ask about the planned vendor. If it's the same one as last time, I would recommend getting a bond against future sabotage.
David Diano